Jan Valdelin

The following items are selected examples of previous assignments carried out by Dr. Valdelin, either alone or as team leader or team member. The assignments are documented by reports, many of which are available on the Internet through searches by author name. For other publications, cf. selective list of publications.

Programming, planning and policy (cross-sectoral)

SIDA, 1977, Country Programme for Sri Lanka 1977/78
SIDA, 1979, Country Analysis Ethiopia 1979
SIDA, 1985, Country report Sri Lanka
SIDA, November 1978 - October 1979 for General Advice on Economic and Assistance Policy Issues
SIDA, 1987, Country Analysis Sri Lanka
SIDA, Relief Food Transport Study for Ethiopia, 1990, Team Leader
SIDA's High Level Technical Delegation to Ethiopia, 1991
SIDA's Technical Mission to Uganda, 1992
BITS, 1992, Policy Proposal for Industrial Support
SIDA, 1992, Project Monitoring Policies
SIDA, 1994, Countervalue Policy Seminar
BITS, 1994, Project Identification Mission, Regional Development in Poland, Team Leader
SIDA, 1994, Appraisal of a model for result-based project management
DANIDA, 1994, Situation and Perspectives Analysis of Eritrea, Team Leader
Sida, 1995, Sector review and Project Identification Mission, Education Sector, Ethiopia, Team Leader
Sida, 1995, Policy proposal on Graduation and Time Limits, Team Leader
Sida, 1996, A policy study of Swedish Support through Local NGOs in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden, 1996-97, Appraisal of proposals for common security projects in the Baltic countries
Embassy of Sweden to Ethiopia, 2005, Socio-economic advisor on direct budget support and support to social sectors (financial modalities)
Embassy of Sweden to Ethiopia, January-February 2006, Development Assistance Group, Joint Political and Economic Analysis, Team Member
Embasssy of Sweden to Ethiopia, November-December 2006, Economic Advisor
Embassy of Sweden to Ethiopia, February 2008, Results Assessment
Embassy of Sweden to Sri Lanka, April-May 2008, Results Assessment

Feasibility and Evaluation studies (cross-sectoral)

BITS, 1984, Jamaica National Maintenance Centre: Feasibility study, Team Leader
SIDA, 1984, The Zambia-Sweden Railway Wagon Project 1976-1984: Evaluation of phases I-III
BITS, 1985, Maintenance centre for the Cuban food industry: Feasibility study, Team Leader SIDA, 1985, The Somalia GRP Boat Factory: Evaluation of an industrial rehabilitation programme, Team Leader
SIDA, 1986, Evaluation of IRA research institute, Tanzania, Team Leader
SIDA, 1987, Evaluation of small scale industry programme, Botswana
SIDA, 1987, Evaluation of "Improve your Business" Programmes: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
SIDA, 1987, Evaluation of Sweden's support to the paper industry in Bangladesh 1975-1985, Team Leader
SIDA, 1987, Evaluation of Professional Training Programme for the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Tanzania
ILO, 1988, Evaluation of the "Skills Development for Self Reliance" ILO/SIDA-programme in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, Team Leader
NORAD, 1988, Evaluation of commodity import programme, Zimbabwe
SIDA, Evaluation of Swedish Forestry Support Programme, Ethiopia, 1990, Team Leader
SAREC, 1990, Evaluation of Bilateral Research Cooperation
Swedfund, 1991, Evaluation of Devaluation Effects on Investment in Benin
BITS, 1991, Feasibility Study for Support to the Cuban Sugar Industry, Team Leader
SAREC, 1992, Evaluation of Support to Swedish Research Institutions. With Stefan de Vylder
SIDA, 1992, Evaluation of the SIDA support to the Ethiopian Management Institute, Team Leader
SIDA, 1993/94, Methodology and Preparation for NGO evaluation
SIDA, 1994, Support to ODI for implementation of the Evaluation of Swedish support through NGOs (with Overseas Development Institute)
SIDA, 1994, Evaluation of Swedish support to Women Activities in Vietnam, Team Leader
SIDA, 1994, Evaluation of SIDA's Gender Officer Position
Sida 1995, Evaluation of the Swedish support to the Rural Village Water Supply Programme in Botswana, Team Leader
Sida, 1996, Evaluation of Support to the sector of financial management and public administration in Eritrea, Team Leader
Sida, March 2005, Evaluation of the Rural Integrated Health Services program, Kenya, Team Leader
Sida, April-November, 2005, Evaluation of the Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation, Team Leader


SIDA, 1992, Evaluation of the Swedish support to the Health Sector in Vietnam, Team Leader.
Save the Children, 1994, Project Proposal Appraisal, Croatia
Ministry of Health, Vietnam, 1994, Analysis of Programme Objectives and Indicators
Ministry of Health, Vietnam, 1993/94, Advisor to the Management Group
Ministry of Health, Vietnam, 1994, Adjustment of Plans of Operation for the New Vietnam-Sweden Health Co-operation Programme
SIDA, 1994, Proposal for a new Monitoring and Reporting Model for the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Programme, India, (UNICEF)
Sida 1995, Evaluation of the Swedish support to the UNICEF regional water and environmental sanitation programme in Central America, Team Leader
UNICEF and Sida, 1996, Advisor to the Programming of UNICEF's WES Programme in Central America
EC, 1996-97, EC Preparatory Mission for Health and Family Welfare Sector Development, India, Team Leader
Sida, 1997, Appraisal of UNICEF's future WES Programme in Central America
EC, 1997-1999, Co-director, Vietnam-EC Malaria Control Project
USAID, 1999-2002 Health Care Finance Advisor, Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia
USAID, 2002-2004, Chief of Party, Partners for Health Reformplus, Albania
USAID, November 2004, Interim Chief of Party, CoReform Project, Georgia (Health Care System Transformation project)
Sida, December 2004, 4th Monitoring Mission, Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation, Team Leader
Sida, February 2005, Desk review of project proposal for support to public health promotion in Kyrgyzstan
Sida, from April 2005, framework contract for consulting services in health
Sida, April 2005, Assistance to the Embassy in Ethiopia on financing modalities for sector programme support to the health sector
Asian Development Bank, March 2006 and ongoing, Health Sector Development Project, Team Leader, ADB TA4647

Education and Training

SIDA, 1983, Staff development programme for Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, Tanzania
SIDA, 1983, Analysis of the education sector in Zambia, past achievements and future trends
Mixed body from Swedish industry, 1985, Employee participation in firm development
SIDA, 1990, Feasibility Study Seminar in Namibia. With Stefan de Vylder.
SIDA, 1992, Manual for improved performance Reporting: Desk Study

Water Issues

SIDA/WHO, 1981/82, Terms of reference analysis for the Kenya water use and tariff study, Kenya
SIDA, 1984, Assessment of water tariff proposals, Kenya. "Water Use and Tariff Study; Policy option" and "Executive Summary"
SWECO, 1984, Cost/benefit analysis of Mer Intérieure irrigation scheme, Algeria and Tunisia
SIDA, 1986, Rural water costs and tariff study, Botswana
SIDA and the National Water Resources Commission in Ethiopia, 1987, Economic analysis of investments in water schemes: Manual and seminars for a workshop in Ethiopia
SIDA, 1987, Appraisal of low cost water supply projects for concentration area programmes in Eastern Province, Kenya
The National Audit Bureau, 1987/88, SIDA as a learning organisation: A study of how SIDA makes use of experience gained in the water sector programme in Kenya between 1970 and 1987
SIDA, 1992, Delineation Study of the Water Sector in Kenya, Team Leader.
SIDA, 1993, Organisational Review of UNICEF Water and Sanitation Programme, India
SIDA, 1994, Advisory services on the Water Sector in Kenya

NGO studies

SIDA, 1990, Review of Freight Support to two NGOs: UFF & PS, Team Leader. Related text.
SIDA, 1991/92, Organisational Capacity Study of three Swedish NGOs: SHIA (1991), PMU (1992) & SMR (1992), Team Leader
SIDA, 1992/93, Study of Swedish Volunteer System, Team Leader
Save the Children, 1993, Evaluation of Support to a Catholic Mission, Gambia
SIDA, 1993, Fact-finding Study on direct support to NGOs in Bangladesh
SIDA, 1993, Capacity Study of the Swedish Red Cross, Team Leader
SIDA, 1993, Review of support through Swedish NGOs
Sida, 1996-97, Impact Study of Swedish Volunteers

Financial and Economic analysis

Private enterprise, 1987, The economics of industrial impact on environment
SIDA, 1989, Evaluation of tender: Rehabilitation of industry, Mozambique
Tanzania Investment Bank, 1990, Analysis of Ceramics factory, Tanzania, Team Leader
Tanzania Investment Bank, 1990, Analysis of Shoe factory, Tanzania, Team Leader
Tanzania Investment Bank, 1991, World Market Study for Sisal Bags, Team Leader
Tanzania Investment Bank, 1991, World Market Study for Gemstones, Team Leader
World Bank, 1995-96, Financial analysis of thermal power plant, Madagascar

Trade, Industry and Private Sector

Norrbotten's Regional Administrative Board, 1979, Industrial Development of the Norrbotten Region in Sweden
Local labour union, 1986, Comparative analysis of production units, engineering industry
Local labour union, 1986, Viability of engineering firm
SIDA, 1982, SIDA and the business community: Six case studies
SIDA, 1983, Functional analysis of industrial projects: Case study of SIDA's project administration
SIF, 1983, The future of industry in the Stockholm region
SIDA/Government of Zimbabwe, 1983, Survey of the EEC as a market: Background material for the Zimbabwe Government for the Lomé III conference
BITS, 1986, Assessment of industrial project for Tunisia: desk study
BITS, 1986, Update of feasibility study of Jamaica National Maintenance Centre: desk study
BITS, 1986, Assessment of project proposals for Peruvian-Swedish development co-operation, Team Leader
SIDA, 1987, Assessment of rehabilitation projects in the light industry sector, Vietnam, Team Leader
Local labour union, 1987, Analysis of strategic changes, engineering industry
SIDA, 1987, The informal sector in Kenya: Desk Study
Norrbotten's Regional Administrative Board, 1988, Japanese investment opportunities in Northern Sweden
Local labour union, 1988, Viability-study of administrative reform
BITS, 1990, Analysis of gas purification equipment investment Tunisia
Embassy of Sweden to Ethiopia, January-June 2007, Preparation of Private Sector Development Programme
Embassy of Sweden to Ethiopia, August-December 2007, Assessment of Private Sector Development Programmes

Other Assignments in Sweden

Sekretariatet för Framtidsstudier, 1979, Evaluation of Recent Reports on the Swedish Economy
Parliamentary Commission, 1983, Sub-contracting of development services; an analysis of problems and opportunities
Swedish National Board for Technical Development, 1986, The Swedish Fire Research Board: Evaluation of a research programme
SIDA, 1986, Evaluation of consultancy report on railway transports, Southern Africa (desk study)
Swedish National Police Board, 1996-97, Preparation and management of International Security Development Co-operation, Team Leader.
Royal Institute of Technology, 1996-97, Stockholm, Preparation and management of International Security Development Co-operation, Team Leader.

Project Implementation Management: direct responsibility or responsibility as managing director

Government of Cuba/BITS, 1987-1990, Establishment of a maintenance centre for the Cuban food industry. Anders Brandter.
Estonian Management Institute, 1992-93, Capacity building and management consultancy for Estonian export companies. Kristina Boman.
National Vocational Training Division, Ministry of Labour, Tanzania/SIDA 1991-1995, Capacity building and organisational development. Arne Nylund and Kjell Öström.
Ministry of Energy, Vietnam/SIDA, 1992-1993, Management Training Programme.
SwedeCorp, 1993-94, Swedish Trade and Investment Promotion Project, Vietnam. Lars Ellström.
Government of Costa Rica/IDB, 1994-96, Micro enterprise development. Lennart Peck and Kristina Boman.
Government of Zambia/Sida, 1994-96, Administrative coordination, Agricultural development projects. Stefan de Vylder.
Kaliningrad Institute of Business Studies, Russia/EBRD, 1994-95, Capacity building, curricula development. Anders Grettve.
Kaliningrad Regional Administration, Russia/Sida, 1994-96, De-scaling of industrial firms. Anders Grettve.
EBRD, Karelia, Russia, 1995-96, Capacity building for business school. Anders Grettve and IFL.
Government of Jamaica/IDB, 1995-96, Primary Education Improvement Programme. Arne Nylund.