Jan Valdelin


Family Name: Valdelin

First Name:  Jan

Other Names: Valdemar

Permanent Address: France

Permanent e-mail Address: contact form

Date and Place of Birth: September xx, 194x, Stockholm, Sweden.

Nationality at Birth: Swedish.

Present Nationality:  Swedish.

Sex: Male.

Marital status: Married.

Children: Two sons, born in 1973 and 1980.



Mother tongue: Swedish

English     Fluent

French     Fluent

German    Fluent


Academic Degrees

Associate Professor (docent), 1980, of Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics.

Ph.D. (Bus. Ad.), 1974, Stockholm School of Economics. Thesis.

MBA , 1966, Stockholm School of Economics. Exam essay.


Other Education and Courses

Baccalaureate at Södertälje läroverk, Södertälje, Sweden, 1962

Military service, the Swedish Armed Forces, Armoured infantry, 1966-67

Studies in the Ph.D.-programme of Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley, 1967-68.

SIDA's Planning Conferences at Dar es Salaam, 1975, and Lusaka, 1976.

Civil defence service, rescue training, the Swedish Civil Defence, intermittently from the mid-80s up to 1991.

SIDA's Gender Course, Sigtuna, 1992.

Training on GIS and relational database applications, Hanoi, 1998-99



Professional thesis and articles, translations of fiction and numerous consultant reports (cf. selective list of publications and selective list of assignments, respectively)


Company Boards of Administration

ICS Interconsult Sweden AB, 1982-1996

Interculture AB, 1983-1997

portativ ab, 1982-1997

AB Mirage, 1989-1997

InDevelop Uppsala AB, 1995


Employment record

Independent consultant in international development cooperation, 2005 and ongoing.

Senior Associate, Abt Associates Inc, November 1999-November 2005

Interim Chief of Party, CoReform project, Georgia, November 2004

Chief of Party, Partners for Health Reformplus, Albania, January 2002-July 2004

Health Care Finance Advisor, Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia, November 1999-December 2001

European Co-director for the Vietnam-EC Malaria Control Project, Vietnam; September 1997-October 1999

Team Leader, EC Preparatory Mission for Health and Family Welfare Sector Development, India; July 1996-August 1997

Managing Director and Senior Consultant of portativ ab, since March, 1996. Independent consulting in international development cooperation;

Founder, Managing Director and Senior Consultant of ICS Interconsult Sweden AB, 1982-1996;

Founder and Managing Director of Interculture AB, 1983-1997;

Acting Professor of Marketing, September-October 1981, at the Stockholm School of Economics;

Teacher of Business Administration and Economics in various capacities at the Stockholm School of Economics 1969/70-1973/74 and 1978/79-1981/82;

Acting Development Cooperation Attaché of the Swedish Embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, fall of 1976;

Economist of the Development Cooperation Office (SIDA) of the Swedish Embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, 1974-1976;

Research Fellow of the Economic Research Institute (EFI) at the Stockholm School of Economics, from October 1968 to October 1981;

Ph.D. studies at the University of California, 1967-68. Part-time employment at the Department of Business Administration for minor research tasks;

Assistant to the Marketing Director, Åhlén & Åkerlunds förlags AB, spring 1967;

(Military service 1966-67; elected platoon representative);

Market analyst, price system of advertising space, Åhlén & Åkerlunds förlags AB, 1965-1966;

Distribution structure policy study of the Swedish building materials industry, Svenska Handelsbanken AB, spring-summer 1965;

Assistant (Amanuensis) in the Department of Business Administration at the Stockholm, School of Economics for three semesters, 1964-65.



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