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Bryane Michael, Researcher at Linacre College
Cover Swedish Journal of Economics
On the concept of function transfer, article from 1966 with Kjell Öström based on our thesis for the MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics. The abstract of the article can be read at the link above.

Dessalegn Rahmato, Researcher and Consultant based in Addis Abeba. Visit his site for a full list of publications. His latest book:

Dessalegn Rahmato was formerly the Executive Director of the Forum for Social Studies (FSS), an independent policy research institution based in Addis Ababa .

Produktutveckling och marknadsföring, EFI, 1974. Available in the Library of the Stockholm School of Economics; may be bought second hand, for example at bokbörsen. Doctoral thesis (in Swedish) on product developmen and marketing published by the Economic Research Institute (EFI) at the Stockholm School of Economics.
Health Cooperation at the crossroads - More of the same or making a difference
Jan Valdelin, Dao Thanh Huyen and Gunilla Krantz. Evaluation of the Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation 2001-2005
Sida Evaluation Report 06/02, Asia department. 2006.
My translations of French and Canadian novels may be found on the site of the French Writer of Novels, Short-Stories and Plays Jeanne Cordelier. Primary Health Care Reform in Albania: A Pilot Project to Provide Evidence for Health Policy. Margaret Cook, Mark McEuen and Jan Valdelin Partners for Health Reformplus project presentation, USAID and Abt Associates Inc. 2005.
"This is a spellbinding story ofCover of Hanoi Blues by Jeanne Cordelier passion and the politics of fear set in a city in transition. Cordelier brings the streets and waterways of Hanoi alive with accuracy of detail and telling imagery." Novel written by Jeanne Cordelier and translated by Marie Ramsland of the University of Newcastle, Australia. The Introduction of Jeanne Cordelier's works to the English audience was provided by Marie Ramsland with Tatiana Tinlin.
Private Expenditure Trends in Ethiopia and Implications for Health Systems Financing. Jan Valdelin, Netsanet Walelign and Alan Fairbank. The paper was presented by Netsanet at the conference on Health Systems Financing in Low-income African and Asian Countries, organised by Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Développement International (CERDI), 2000. Economic Focus, Volume III, Number 6, Addis Abeba. 2001. Journal of the Ethiopian Economic Association .
The Valdelin Report on UFF Sweden (not yet available in pdf, but Tvind Alert may manage to provide it as they promise on this page) may be the single most important source for the disclosure of the Tvind fraud, leading to a number of follow-up and in. My report has been credited for discovering the secret Tvind company called "Casablanca". The report on UFF Sweden is maybe the most quoted - outside the aid establishment - of all my consultant reports. The study was commissioned by Sida as a routine capacity study of a Sida supported NGO, but lead to the halt of Sida support, when the report exposed the Tvind abuse of aid funding and their financial empire.
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